Key Successes to Agile Training

Organizations that thrive are those that value their employees as key asset in maintaining the competitive edge. To keep up with the constant pace of technology changes most organizations promote the training of employees; and most employees view such training as a pathway to advancement and success.


Often, agile training have not been seen as an opportunity or benefit but as a job condition, on top of a long series of demands placed on the employees. Yet, most employees reluctantly accept to participate in the training, for the fear of losing job or advancement. In such an environment agile training have little hope for success. Also what employees are left after the training is a faded memory of one or two definition or concepts.


In my experience as a Trainer and Transformation Consultant, the success of any training depends on two aspects: the environment provided by the management and the transformational nature of the training offered by the trainer, rather than mere informational.


The first aspect, the environment that respects employee’s autonomy and freedom of choice will invite full participation from the employees. In fact, when employees request for training, and participate voluntarily is when can be of real value to both the individual and the organization. Only when we’re free to say “No” we can be free to say “Yes”. In most organizations trainings come as a mandate or with subtle pressure to attend where employees will continue to resist the training.


The second aspect, the training focused on the individual and organizational purpose provides a rich context, where the employees have an opportunity to examine their perspectives and considerations and where they can freely inquire and think from different places and discover for themselves the power of agile as an access to serving both their individual and organizational needs. This type of insights causes profound shifts and breakthrough results. This result and feedback in and itself promote the training to their colleagues, who may be still on the fence about choosing to attend.


Empowering employees to choose powerfully allows them to participate fully in the training. And a training that provides them an opportunity for their personal growth and which in turn fulfills the organizational needs. Their feedback to their colleagues will automatically make the training viral.

How do we create an environment where employees are motivated and engaged and request for training, where they see it as an opportunity to meet both personal and organizational goals?

How do we deliver the training that honors the employees accomplishments and invites opportunities to grow further in them fulfilling on their purpose?

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